Tuesday, March 8, 2011

- Hey!
- What?
- Just, wait a second.
- Why?
- I have a question.
- So?
- Can I ask it to you? Please, it's important.
- Sure, but make it fast.
- What if I'm not afraid of heights, what if I'm actually afraid of the falling?
- Well, I think that makes no difference. The thing is, you're afraid. And, you know, everybody's afraid of something. But couraegous people don't let their fears cotrol their lives.
- Wow... Thank you very much for this.
- No problem, can I just continue my way?
- Of course, just one more thing.

And she kissed that stranger, in the middle of the street.

- By the way, my name is Liz.
- Pleased to meet you Liz.


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