Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whiny teenagers and Feminism.

She is brilliant, and in one video she was able to sum up my views of feminism in such a concise and beautiful way.
Feminism has been in my mind a lot lately, because of the whole "all-girls boarding school" thing. Also how much we all seek approval from everyone but ourselves scares me. We try to please each other and we get lost while doing it.
I haven't been really happy with the human race lately, so maybe going to the catholic school that my parents want me to go to would do me good. Or I can keep practicing Yoga. Either one.
I also have a lot of doubts about next year. I have to choose a path. And it'll be different and (probably) difficult and I'll have to start all over again. However, I have a feeling it'll be worth it in the end.
Last thing: I've been going through my old posts and I was such a whiny 14 year old 15 year old (wow, even posts from like, 6 months ago are just me complaining about how life is, "I AM ALONE IN A BOARDING SCHOOL. SEND HELP."). And it was just last year. I mean, I don't believe I've changed that much, I just feel like right now I wouldn't go telling the internet my exact feelings about a concrete person. Because you know, until farther notice, the internet is pretty public. And I don't enjoy people that I wouldn't tell about my feelings in the first place to know my feelings. I guess I learned a lesson, sort of. I'm still typing.
Look at me talking about very very random stuff while trying to be serious. Somehow.

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