Thursday, April 5, 2012


                  We've come to a point in which everyone claims to want to be so "original" that they forget to be themselves, and start acting like total and stupid strangers. I get you're searching to understand who you are and blablabla. But you are not going to find that out by trying to become someone else.

                  You are original in the first place, and you should embrace it as it is. You don't have to look for "hipster" things, or try to find the "least mainstream" whatever. You should look out for what you like. Those likes will change over time, I can assure you. 11 year old me loved Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. And I am not ashamed. Every phase you go through makes you who you are.

                  In this sense, fashion truly annoys me. So I'd say, do your shit your own way. Because you're not hurting anyone by being who you truly are. If not, you'll just loose yourself at some point or another.

I could write some Selena Gomez-ish songs with all this, it'll go like "LOOOOOOOVE YOURSEEEEELF! *backup singers that do all the work*" x10000000

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